Monday, October 15, 2007

Melaine from when David was a professor ended pressing charges of rape against him, saying that she was forced to be in a relationship with someone she did not love. David ends up taking two dogs and goes for a walk with Lucy and they start to talk about his case. When all of a sudden they have to come to a quick holt with their conversation because when they have to stop to cross the street Melaine is in front of them. When they get back to the shelter David hits his head while try to get dog food.
There wasn’t a movie that I could describe that fits anything to do with the story. David’s life ends up back into good hands when he is found not guilty on rape charges. David turns his life around and helps a lot at the shelter and does not seem to want to get married as he once did before. At the end of the story David makes a turning point in the story which I never had thought he would ever take. He made the decision to stop what he was doing and listen to his daughter and turn what was bad into good.

Monday, October 8, 2007

10-8-07 Brit Lit Blog

To make up for David making those unnecessary comments about Bev Shaw he decides to help her out with the dogs at the animal clinic. For awhile David enjoys working with Bev at the animal clinic until he makes another comment, but this time towards one of the costumers. David and Bev got into an argument on how offensive the comment really was, but in the end David stays at the clinic and just switches on what task he will do for the rest of the day. That night he goes home and starts to think if his life is starting to unravel right in front of him and he is not noticing.
At the end of this segment I am starting to think that David might start to get his act together and might be able to turn his life around. When he goes to bed that night I think he is reflecting on what has been going on in the past and is trying to think of ways to get his life back to where it was before his divorces. At this point in the story I think that it is starting to turn around for David and he is trying to think more positive and try to get him out of the situation he get him self into

Monday, October 1, 2007

Brit Lit Blog for 10-1-07

David’s daughter Lucy ends up moving in with him after she graduated college so she can get started on her post-education life with the help of her father. Lucy and David end up talking for a while about the women in his life, but Melaine is never mentioned throughout the conversation between them. Then Lucy takes her father to go visit some of her friends at the local animal clinic where Lucy works. David ends up meeting Bev Shaw who is depicted as not being attractive at all. Which David is prejudice against any women who do not make the effort to make them look attractive.
I think the main point right know is that David needs to stop judging women younger than him because if he doesn’t everything will blow up in his face. He needs to stop doing stupid things because right know he could very well get into a big argument with his daughter over Bev Shaw. At this point in the story the novel just keeps heading into a downward spiral. There looks like no end to something that could very easily be stopped and forgotten about. David just keeps adding on to some stupid mistakes which in the long run could effect the rest of his life.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Brit Lit Blog for 9-17-07

David Lurie is a 52 year old man who has been divorced twice and is currently a professor at a local small college. Throughout this portion of the book David is a desperate man for love and sex. He ends up taking one of his students, Melaine Isaacs, out for dinner and tries to charm her. A couple days later David thinks that he needs to end everything with Melaine as quickly as possible so nothing gets any further, but instead he takes her too lunch and they end up having sex.
I think that the characters so far in this book are realistic because it is about someone who is going through real life troubles and is having a though time coping with them. From what I have read the novel might be heading in a weird direction because David Lurie seems like he is doing more harm than good in his life and he shows no signs of being able to get out of them. This novel suggests that people in general have a tough time getting out situations because of bad habits. For example, David Lurie is someone who is desperate for someone to love and just wants anyone, but going back to ways before he was married the first might come back to haunt him. I think this shows that during this time period that people are rushing to much in relationships and they are hurting there future by the actions that they are happening in the present.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Brit Lit Blog for 9-24-07

David and Melaine can’t get enough of each other but after her boyfriend reads an excerpt from her diary all hell break lose. The boyfriend dumps her and she thinks she has no future with everyone and does not want to see him anymore. A couple of days later Melaine does not show up to class which gets David worried that something might have happened. David takes the advice of his lawyer to take classes on Rape Awareness because rumor starts going around the college that him and another student are going out.
I think that David needs to end what ever is going on with Melaine as soon as possible because what ever is going on can and will get worse. There really is no other solution but to end whatever is going on. I think that the theme of the story is really realistic on how something can happen in a relationship no matter what the age is. At this point in the story the novel is heading into a downward direction because every time David does something with Melaine it only makes matters worse. From what I have read so far David will most likely not stop talking to Melaine which could ruin his life. I think that this tells us that people can do a lot of things wrong in any type of relationship.

Friday, September 7, 2007